Conscious Connected Breathing - Breathe to heal.

"The breath is an opening where we consciously can affect the subconscious. 

Over time and through practise it becomes possible to choose where there was no choice before. 

"I Breathe so I can choose."

Esben Seir

Conscious Connected Diaphragmatic Breathwork, is a safe and powerful breathing practice that releases stress from the body. You dive into the unconscious mind and here we can stop the Monkey Mind, release trauma, find creativity and feel a connection to ourselves, nature, all beings and even the universe.

You do this through a simple breathing technique through about an hour. The workshops are between 3 and 5 hours, because we prepare, initiate and round up. So theres time for the process to sink in.

Breathwork helps to:

  • Reduce the muscle tension and anxiety present with stress-related symptoms and thoughts. 
  • Boost attention span and sharpen focus. 
  • Reduce chronic pain and help cope with physical discomfort. 
  • Open you to a rush of creativity while quieting your inner critic. 
  • Calm your nervous system, stave off insomnia, and prepare your body for rest. 
  • Strengthen the immune system by boosting antibodies and potentially reducing inflammation. 
  • Reverse the stress response and calm the emotional ups and downs. 
  • Studies are showing that breathwork helps treat depression and PTSD. 
  • Confront fears, repressed memories and emotions and release them. 
  • Breathing has been used to alter consciousness for thousands of years by spiritual seekers, mystics and yogis. 
  • Connect with your divine self and remove the ego. 
  • Many people report feeling connected with others and the universe itself after they practice breathwork

NOGRAVITY by Esben Seir

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