Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation is a 5.000 year old tradition which was created to help us calm the mind, get out of the eternal stream of worrying thoughts, and find a better balance in our lives. The balance between Yin and Yang, the calm and the energetic, is important to keep the body and mind on form. To Esben movement is meditative and meditation can often be ‘easier’ through movement. Yoga and meditation can be combined to more easily reach the meditative state, in which through the movement calm our mind. The awareness of our movement and breath will help us with creating the meditative state. Silent meditation is another way to practice meditation and it is healthy to practice the mind through silent meditation as well. Where you simply strive to be present, nothing else. Especially these days, where everything moves very quickly. Where we are constantly being exposed to stimulus in the forms of advertisements, opinions, problems, consumption and much more. We constantly need to consider something.

“Happiness is being happy for what you have.” – Esben Seir

Yoga has split into many branches in the modern society, but it is important not to define one truth. To feel what fits well with you, what fits well to your body and what feels right is important to be able to create a daily practice which makes you feel good.

Yoga and meditation with Esben will reflect many years of experience with yoga, meditation and movement, all of which will give you some inspiration to find a daily practice that works well for you specifically. We are all different and we need different things, but we have a tendency to compare ourselves all the time and wish that we had something else or something more. Perhaps it is more simple. That which we have right now is exactly what we need? Without time with yourself you will never get to feel what you really need. So take time to yourself and get a sense of what makes you happy.

“Silence and simplicity will be the new gold.” – Esben Seir