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“adidas Denmark would like to thank Esben Seir and NoGravity for an outstanding event at Blocs & Walls in Copenhagen. In connection with a strategical meeting we signed in at Blocs & Walls. The day combined a high level of professional content with team building on the climbing walls. Esben Seir took part in this with a very exciting contribution about personal development, motivation and training as the catalyst of human and professional results. We had an exciting, fun and physical day with lots of entertaininment. We gladly give Esben and NoGravity our warmest recomendations.”

– adidas

“During the last couple of years I have been coached and trained by Esben Seir in different contexts, both personally and professionally in connection with my work in the Armed Forces. Esben possesses three unique skills which I value greatly and those are the reason that I continue to work with him. First of all, his educational patience ensures that we as receivers get the message clearly and remember it for a long time. Secondly, his professionalism in the form of reliability and keeping of the agreement to the letter and thirdly, his professional ability which I have so far never experienced anywhere else.”

– Kenneth

“I have gotten the maximum out of my training sessions with Esben. He is honest and good to tailor the training to one’s needs so that it is optimal for oneself. At the same time, he can be a tough coach when it is necessary. He pushes boundaries in a healthy way and the training with Esben trims and tones the entire body and mind. I achieved much more through his training and I ever expected.”

– Helene

“Esben has been business partners with Frederiksholm Kirke in Copenhagen’s Sydhavn during the last four years that we have had a climbing wall on our tower. Esben was with us from the very beginning with setting up the wall and still functions as our consultant in relation to beliefs and movement. He takes care of all route building on the wall and has trained all of our volunteer instructors. Esben delivers high quality with personality and humour. He is enthusiastic about what he does and it shows and affects his surroundings.”

– Frederiksholm Kirke

“With Esben you have a space to be yourself. On top of a sublime understanding of body awareness, he is able to contain a presence that ensures that you feel seen, heard and understood. He takes his time to get to know one’s individual needs and level and then organises the coaching accordingly. He has a playful and humorous approach to movement and knows when he can challenge and when to simply encourage and praise. Aside from the purely physical aspect, Esben has an approach to the mental aspect, which results in not only a physical transformation but also a mental and psychological transformation. The combination of the physical and mental aspects of the training ensures that with Esben you grow as a human being and you do not only learn how to top a route or boulder, but also how to tackle the humdrum of the daily life with a newfound mental surplus.” 

– Sofie

“Esben meets the people he works with, in a liberating and informal manner. He feels unprejudiced and open-minded around the people whom he coaches, yet definitely not spineless. Philosophies of life, choices and opt-outs in our current society and youth culture are often discussed. The young listen because they are met with opinions and not admonitory statements. Esben is uncompromising in his instructions and he is capable, through his mental coaching, of making others work with themselves, move their boundaries and make them focus. He creates great group dynamics and lots of personal development. On top of all of this, Esben is a big child! His approach is very playful, experimenting and active. In combination with his knowledge about his own capabilities and his attitude, he can challenge anyone in his field. He talks the kids away from the screen and into the trees. He sees the individual and quickly notices when someone needs a bit more attention, and even though he is in a room where everyone seeks his attention, he takes care of the individual in need and remains present there.”

– Jette

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