Coaching & Workshops

At NoGravity personal coaching is one of the central elements in what we work with. In our coaching you will be a part of the process, we will find your path together, but you have to put in the effort which will let you find your own path. We will aid you with many years of experience and while the framework of the coaching will be movement, climbing and/or yoga, you will get so much more than ‘just’ coaching on these matters in our sessions. We will be working with progression, consciousness and the mental approach to both movement and life.

We think that movement is a fundamental thing in life, which we often take for granted and forget to include in our daily lives. We should listen to our body and treat it well. In the exact second our car creaks, we send it to our mechanic and get it fixed, but when our own body creaks, we just keep going and it is only when we lose our leg that we realise that we are missing it.

If you wish to participate in sessions, a course, event or workshop, please do contact us and we will have a talk about the details.

“Movement is life. Life is movement.” – Esben Seir

K1 Course

Top rope climbing is the basis of climbing on rope. If you are new and want to try out rope climbing, the K1 Course is the place where you begin and it is here you will lay the foundation of all the adventures you find in the climbing world.

K2 Course

When you feel that you have a good base to work on the basis of, then Lead Climbing is the next natural step in your climbing adventure. On the K2 Course you will improve your competencies in climbing and learn to both lead climb and belay someone who is lead climbing.

‘On The Rocks’ – From Inside to Outside

Have you finally found the courage to venture outside? With the ‘On The Rocks’ course, you will go on a trip, outside on real rock. Nature, rock climbing and relations will be at the centre and you will gain a lot of experience with rock climbing and much more.

The Team of Instructors


Thomas is a passionate climber and teacher, as is obvious from the enthusiastic and eager glow which emanates from him. Thomas has been in the world of climbing for the past four years, yet despite his rather short time here, his eagerness has lead him to teach and coach in no time. Movement is one of the things that Thomas is the very keen about and he has a strong, intuitive understanding of movement. That, in combination with his passion for teaching, ensures that being taught by Thomas leaves you with a greater understanding of climbing movement, improved coordination and a lot of inspiration to delve into movement yourself. Thomas loves using his time with others and his empathy and inner peace let you push your boundaries in his company. You are not in doubt whether Thomas is there or not, as his presence and open being aids you in being in your own process, with his unconditional support. That said, he is not afraid of challenges the people he teaches or coaches, as he is of the opinion that it is important to be in constant motion in our lives, both physically or mentally. To be in motion on the inside requires that you are able to reflect, feel and understand yourself and his conviction of this is reflected in his teaching. You will never leave lessons or sessions without a thing or two to contemplate further.


Jesper has through his entire youth and adult life loved to be out in nature and compares it to a huge sports and exercise centre, where only the mind limits the physical exertion. Jesper comes from a background as a project leader in the building business, but with the wish that nature and physical activity should be a bigger part of his daily life he changed lanes and completed a course of education within the field of sports and games at Paul Petersen’s Idrætsinstitut. During his education, Jesper was introduced to climbing which quickly became one of his favourite sports. Through his education, he has built up a great understanding of and insight into patterns of movement, which is easily and playfully integrated into his own climbing and his teaching. Jesper’s passion for climbing is unmistakable in his teaching, where his students can expect a challenge with space for the needs of the individual. Aside from climbing, Jesper is also a passionate teacher in the world of mountain biking, where his prefered state is air time. Jesper has through the years been on a number of international trips and the last couple of years he has combined mountain biking with climbing and outdoor life. As a person, Jesper is outgoing and positive person who loves presence and company, especially when it includes physical exertion.