Climbing & Movement

Movement is a part of being a human being and unfortunately, a lot of people have forgotten this. Instead, we think movement and forget to sense movement. We forget to sense to what feels right.

We as human beings have been created to move. Conscious movement, daily movement, and movement from top to toe are all necessary to feel good in our body and mind. Movement can take many forms and climbing is one of the forms of movement where it is all about playing, sensing and doing what feels right intuitively. Movement is fundamental in life, yet in the modern society we have forgotten movement. We have forgotten our intuition. We have forgotten how we play. We ‘play’ with a stop watch. We ‘play’ with a certain amount of repetitions. We ‘play’ without sensing our body. Perhaps, we are ‘playing’ to live up to something?

Movement is all about having fun and feeling alive. It is not about being to best, the quickest or the strongest. We are supposed to sense and feel. Preferably with a big smile on our lips, with a playful approach. You should not be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are not mistakes, ‘mistakes’ is learning. We are not in a rush. Everything is learning. It is a gift to be a beginner. It is here you have to possibility of improving the most and the quickest. Be open-minded, brave and trust in the process.

“I did my best and it went how it went today. Tomorrow I try to do better.” – Esben Seir

Climbing as a lifestyle is about travelling the world, meeting other people, climbing on rock, meeting nature and evolving as a human being through one’s experiences. It is about living in the present, in simply conditions and making the best of what you have got.

“Simplicity leads to a simple life. Climbing can give you that.” – Esben Seir

To live a simple life will set you free and let you live in the present, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now. When you live in the present you will quickly discover what is important for you and through that achieve a greater happiness, calm and consciousness. It is in that space that we can look others and ourselves in the eyes and be present.