About NoGravity

Passion for Movement

NoGravity is a company which was founded on the belief that movement is at the core the of the human nature. Esben Seir, the Founder, is a passionate climber and mover, climbing instructor, outdoor guide, yoga instructor, personal trainer and mental coach, but what defines him is his passion for movement, climbing and people. For this very reason, climbing, natural movement and people are at the core of what Esben works with. Esben has worked with many different organisations, among others The Danish Special Forces, Paul Petersen’s Idrætsinstitut, BetaBoulders, Blocs & Walls – Copenhagen’s Climbing Centre, Adidas, Carlsberg, Zahle Seminarskole, Move Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Kommune, Københavns Kommune, Red Barnet, and much more. Esben also works with coaching and has coached everything from criminal youngsters to elite athletes and directors. At the same time Esben was the national coach of the Danish Youth National Team in climbing for 7 years and travelled the world coaching and helping the youngster at competions.

When you take part in coaching, workshops, and other courses with Esben and NoGravity, you will be a part of a personal, passionate, and motivating experience. You will be inspired to reflect on many different aspects of life, as Esben seeks to promote the idea of being conscious and he thinks that it is through reflection and honesty, towards ourselves and others, that we can heighten our consciousness.

When you have been a part of one of the experiences that Esben and NoGravity are responsible for, you will walk away with several things to consider further, not only related to movement but also related to life in general. You will have a better understanding of your body, your mind and we hope we will have inspired you to become the best you can be. Because at NoGravity, we want to inspire and excite your mind and your body, and through that help you evolve as a mover and as a human.

Team NoGravity

Team NoGravity is a group of young, enthusiastic elite athletes in the climbing scene. This Team is unique, in that it is the first of its kind in Denmark and it has created Danish and Nordic champions in both Bouldering and Lead Climbing competitions.

The coaching team consists of Chief Coach Esben Seir, physiotherapist Dennis Sjøgren from Kinetika and the Team is supported by our partners Adidas, Friluftsland, Sportmaster and Beta Boulders.

Despite climbing being an individualistic sport, ‘espirit de corps’ is at the core of Team NoGravity. Every climber in the Team is not only characterised by being an excellent climber in both the technical and the physical aspects of climbing but also in their mental attitude. The philosophy of climbing, both on rock and indoors, is one of the aspects we explore to gain a better understanding of our senses, as well as a better feeling for our instincts and our mentality, both in relation climbing and in relation to life.

Team NoGravity is a close-knit family. While climbing is the framework, thriving and flourishing as a young, confident, open human being is a part of the road we walk. To be a part of this Team is to travel along a path with personal development in many directions and the approach we take is to create consciousness in all aspects of our lives and find our path as human beings.

For us, it is all about the process, not the goal. The process has to be the best possible for you and the people around you. We think it is important to share your adventures, experiences and your knowledge because nobody becomes better by not helping the people you have around you. Hard work, happiness, consciousness and collaboration are all a part of the path we talk. To grow personally and in ones climbing, it is important to have these four aspects in mind. In the end, the path of Team NoGravity is directed at becoming the best climber and the best human being you could possibly dream of becoming.

The Team’s home gym is Beta Boulders, but we meet at different locations, to evolve and get new challenges.

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.” – George Lucas